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The Tietar Valley is situated in the centre of Spain, about 80 km west of Madrid. Because it is located to the South of the Sierra de Gredos, the valley is relatively protected from bad weather and provides many days of good flying throughout the year.

Our base village of La Iglesuela is in the center of the flight area - Pedro Bernardo lies to the North West and Real de San Vincente in the South- the Tietar Valley is nearly perfect for learning to fly XC. With just a few hundred meters above take off, La Iglesuela village green is within easy glide.

On landing you can enjoy a beer in the shade right next door at Mar and Pedro's place.

For FAI triangles of up to about 100 km you are within gliding distance of safe landings for almost the whole way.

Typically, flights begin along the mountain face of the mighty Gredos and later in the day, will continue out in the Tietar Valley, where we fly the flatlands.

For a change of pace and to gather more experience in different terrain, we offer day trips to neighbouring flight zones such as the the beautiful Montes de Toledo, the a table mountain called La Muela or the well known Piedrahita on the North Side of the Gredos. Decisions about the best location for a day trip will be carried out in the short term according to weather conditions.

Pedro Bernardo Fluggebiet Tietar

Pielago Fluggebiet Tietar

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