Julio is "Bombero" (fire fighter) by profession and an athlete by heart. He is a flight instructor, a pilot for tandem glider and he has 30 years of flight experience under his belt. Julio is member of the Spanish national team and he is an expert of the terrain Piedrahita. He is available to the group as a "Scout" and for logistics as needed.



Günter is in charge of the theory part and language assistance. He instructs over radio and accompanies you in the air. Günter has flown for 23 years and he is the current Vice World Champion in HG -XC flight. Presently, he holds eight national records and has held the German HG-XC Champion’s title. Günter has flown in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Australia, USA, Namibia and Spain.


We fly with vultures while studying their flight, and at the same time we really enjoy being in their company. We envy them and often ask ourselves why they won't be one of us - they sure are close enough.






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